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About the company

Gatecrasher is a leading international clubbing brand made famous by the “Gatecrasher” (later “Crasher”) dance music events held at the Gatecrasher One nightclub in Sheffield during the late-1990s and early-2000s. The event received numerous awards, including “Club Of The Year” at the Ericsson Muzik Magazine Dance Awards. There are three permanent Gatecrasher venues located in the UK in Birmingham, Watford and Nottingham. Gatecrasher hold regular club nights across the three main venues attracting hundreds of thousands customers per year. They also hold additional events worldwide.

Easy set-up

When you have such a large amount of data, customers and staff, it can be daunting to move to a new system. Let’s face it, when technology doesn’t work, money is lost. Working closely with the ticket technologists at Nutickets, Gatecrasher integrated their systems and were selling tickets within a week.

Boosting ticket sales the Nu way

Gatecrasher had never really explored the opportunity offered by social media to not only promote but sell tickets. Via Nutickets, Gatecrasher now sell tickets via their website, Facebook pages and their own Nutickets rep network. This has had a major impact on ticket sales.

Monitoring sales

As well as controlling the guests, Gatecrasher can now access detailed sales and financial reports to oversee the financial performance of individual events. Their systems are now fully integrated to link together ticket sales, promotions and events. All can be viewed via one dashboard.

Sales Rep Centre

Tracking the return on investment and results from sales reps has always been a challenge for Gatecrasher with hundreds of reps out in the field. The ‘rep centre’ provides Gatecrasher with a powerful tool to control sales rep efficiency and commission. The centre provides the reps with all the tools to:

  • Sell and promote events through their own personalised rep website
  • Track clicks and conversions of promotions sent to friends walls
  • Send SMS or Email invites to all their contacts in a click
  • Send and track Twitter promotions

Gatecrasher were able to track the efficiency of each promotion channel per rep (send, click, conversion) and select the rep commission per ticket type per event.

Managing club entries

With the Nutickets app, Gatecrasher also threw away old bulky and inefficient scanners and transformed their iPhones/iPod touch devices into a quicker, stylish ticket scanner, guestlist controller and door entry till giving them absolute control and visibility of events. Not only this, but event organisers can also have real time control of visitor numbers and location of visitors.

Measuring promotion success

Finding out which promotional channels are working can be a challenge and this was something Gatecrasher were keen to monitor. Gatecrasher uses the Nutickets ‘promo centre’ to send promotional campaigns and promo codes to custom groups of clients through email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. They could track the number of clicks to the website and the number of conversions so they knew which channel was more successful and could compare the efficiency of their promotions. The promo centre helps cut the costs of using external promotion companies.

Moving away from disparate systems

Previously, Gatecrasher used different systems for tickets sales, event promotion and event management. But what Gatecrasher needed was uniformity in one simple ticketing and promotions system that was interlinked and therefore better designed to increase ticket sales through a set route.

With hundreds of thousands clubgoers a year, Gatecrasher needed an efficient ticketing, door entry and promotions service which boosted their sales and ensured the smooth running of the club nights. In May 2012, Gatecrasher trialled the Nutickets system which incorporates tools to promote and manage all aspects of your event. It is the only system on the market that combines ticket sales, entry management and event promotion into one easy to use platform.

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