About the client

Oxfam provides life-changing support to millions of people all over the world. As one of the world’s largest charities, Oxfam needed a secure, reliable software partner to manage event registrations, and chose Nutickets due to our all-in-one solution that streamlined the attendees experience. 


Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable. Whether you're into music, sports, hiking challenges or just socialising with your friends, there's an Oxfam fundraising event for everyone.


Oxfam was looking for a completely white label solution, a fully branded event registration page that seamlessly slotted into their website. Working with a software house such as Nutickets provided Oxfam the flexibility to ensure all their needs and requirements were met.

Oxfam’s existing event technology supplier was a form builder tool, and did not provide a smooth registration process with integrated payment. It is vital when running a fundraising event to ensure supporters can register easily and start fundraising within the same process.

When searching for a new supplier, Oxfam considered both third party and bespoke solutions for sports, adventure and music event registration journeys. Third party solutions were considered to enable product managers and event organisers to access a rich suite of tools, including easy to build registration forms, integrated payment and fundraising solutions, secure data collection, real-time attendance and financial reporting.


To meet all of Oxfam’s needs, Nutickets provided a personalised, all-in-one solution, including the rich suite of tools mentioned above in a bespoke system. Nutickets provided a fully branded registration service on Oxfam's website for sports and adventure events, such as Trailwalker and the Royal Parks Half Marathon, enabling Oxfam to process registrations quickly and efficiently. For Oxfam’s annual Oxjam music festival, the focus was on providing one integrated platform for volunteers to list and manage their events on, eliminating past confusion caused by a number of disparate systems being used.

Fundraising tools

As part of a personalised package, Nutickets created a streamlined journey for supporters to start fundraising and make donations within Oxfam's registration process. Our JustGiving integration enable attendees to create their own fundraising pages as part of the sign up process, make donations and easily share their portals to encourage support from friends and family. 

Data capture

Data Protection is a particularly pressing issue in the charity sector, and Oxfam’s partnership with Nutickets allowed for data to be procured extremely effectively, while also adhering to the latest GDPR requirements, providing a level of security that cannot be guaranteed with a third party service. Nutickets built a bespoke data export service to upload registration data to Oxfam’s CRM system, Ascent, as well as implementing additional analytics tools (Double Click and Omniture), ensuring that Oxfam’s existing processes were enhanced, rather than disrupted.


A close working relationship has been established, providing Oxfam with an agile response to their changing needs, and refine their system on an event by event basis, employing different strategies for sports, adventure and music events.

Oxfam have an ability to manage mass participation registrations and volunteer management in the Nutickets system, as well as a host of other features.

What our Partner says

The Nutickets solution enabled us to maximise fundraising opportunities from our events portfolio. Having a stable platform with JustGiving integration has increased the user experience.

Amy Fox - Project Manager, Oxfam

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