Shine a spotlight on your theatre ticketing, and deliver a best in class experience that puts your customers first.

Bring your venue to life with the latest theatre ticketing software. No coding required. With one-click blocks, seats and rows you work faster and create effortlessly. Let customers choose their seats, and sell tickets directly from your website at scale.  

Showcase your venue, any shape or size

Recreate your unique venue within hours. Add rows, tables or general admission areas, duplicate layouts and highlight the best seats. 
Venue seating plan created with the Nutickets reserved seating software

Replicate your unique venue with the latest design tools

Curve & skew

Curve and skew rows and blocks to build the perfect venue chart.


Separate your plan into areas to optimise the booking experience for large venues.

Image upload

Upload your layout and trace over it to create a direct replica or copy & paste existing plans.

Seat scoring

Highlight the best seats by adding a focal point to your venue's hot spot.

Streamline the booking experience

Sell tickets from your website and give visitors the chance to choose their seats. Offer multiple price bands, upsell merchandise and services within the same booking journey to boost your revenues.   

Integrating our theatre ticketing software with your website helps keep fans on your platform to increase conversions, and avoids third-party sites exposing them to competitor events.

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Create a safe return to your venue

Apply social distancing rules and capacity controls across your events to stay up to date with the latest regulations. Block out seats and rows, limit group bookings and track footfall live to create an experience that visitors feel safe returning to.
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On-the-door ticketing

Sell tickets on the door with our box office solution. Our app allows you to accept card payments on the go, print tickets in an instant and check in ticket holders. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, so you can accommodate those last minute sales without the queues.

Box office sales

Offline mode gives the freedom to always take payments and make transactions, even when your internet lets you down. This way, cashiers and product vendors can sell tickets and products over the counter and on the phone whatever the circumstances.

Transform the event experience

  • Fully customisable branded interfaces
  • Mobile ticket delivery and scanning
  • Omnichannel sales
  • White label, branded wearables
  • Unrivalled customer support

One platform for all your tools

Create, manage and analyse your campaigns from your Nutickets dashboard with our add-on extensions.

Why the Nutickets solution?

We can help to transform the event experience at every step of the customer journey. We’re built ready to serve events of all types and sizes worldwide. Let’s discuss the solutions that are right for your events.