Become a Nutickets Reseller in South Africa

Nutickets is a well-established brand in the South African event industry. We are now looking for a Partner to sell our innovative event ticketing software and manage the Nutickets brand in South Africa.

Join our Reseller network

Looking to start a business venture or expand your existing offering?

Our Reseller Program is designed for new or evolving business, looking to sell and market cutting-edge event solutions, utilising the well-established Nutickets business model and brand name.

  • Robust, innovative and constantly evolving software solution
  • Bespoke Reseller Program packages, adapted to your sector and territory
  • Ongoing development and support to help you scale your business

Who's a good fit?


Ideal for small businesses or individuals wanting to sell innovative software solutions to their network under the Nutickets brand.


Designed for new or evolving businesses, looking to offer cutting-edge software solutions under their own brand, utilising our business development model and support system.


Custom-made for organisations with a well-established brand, business structure & customer base, looking to expand their services or improve their existing software solutions.

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