Adopt a cashless event system for a simpler, safer and smarter way to take payments.

Replace inefficient cash handling with easy, secure and private cashless payments. Nutickets offers an open API integration to create a seamless experience from ticket booking to on-site purchases with your preferred cashless provider. Join the cashless revolution to stay ahead of the game.

Drive revenue with cashless payments

Event-goers spend up to 30% more when using cashless payments, faster transactions mean more sales. Nutickets can integrate with virtually any cashless payment system, so you’re able to take advantage of lightning-fast contactless transactions.
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Take payments with a tap

Give your customers a faster way to pay for things. All they do is tap and go! With cashless integration, you can be ready to accept every sale whether your customers pay with their debit cards or mobile devices. It’s a simple way to connect vendors with your attendees whilst remaining completely touchless.
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Smooth, secure transactions guaranteed

Tapping to pay with a contactless chip card, mobile or wearable device includes an anti-fraud threshold so you can set to ensure maximum transaction safety. A cashless integration allows you to remove cash handling and improve your money’s traceability so you can protect your events against fraud losses and unauthorised transactions.

Transform the event experience 

  • Reduce on-site queues
  • Increase spend per head
  • Ensure secure payments
  • Seamless integration 
  • View reliable real-time
  • Optional on-site training & support

One platform for all your tools

Create, manage and analyse your campaigns from your Nutickets dashboard with our add-on extensions.

Get the solution that’s right for you

We can help to transform the event experience at every step of the customer journey. We’re built ready to serve events of all types and sizes worldwide. Let’s discuss the solutions that are right for your events.