How to take event ticketing completely digital

Ticketing, 29 March

By Nicole Afflick

The event ticketing industry is a global market currently worth approximately £57bn, with 941 million people purchasing tickets online in 2019 so far (Statista). Holding such value across the world’s economy in sectors including music events, sporting events and cinema/movie events, the ticketing market has the ability to transform the purchasing experience. The transition into this technological era means that organisers can get creative in the way they sell event tickets online by adapting the latest digital trends. Discover how to take your events to the next level with the latest digital tools.

White label ticketing

With the ability to now sell event tickets online, companies need to use their branding to stand out from the competition. Taking control of your events is essential to ensuring your brand message is portrayed in the exact manner you wish. With the introduction of white label event ticketing your business can do exactly that. Using a pre-existing, yet tailored, event ticketing system and embedding it into your website allows you to use your own branding and increases the chances of customers staying on your event page, rather than straying to another crowded third party ticketing platform. By building on your brand image and allowing customers to buy directly from your website will contribute to retaining business, and attaining new business.

Reserved seating

The largest market for ticket sales is the music/entertainment industry (Statista), therefore event venues contribute massively to this sector. Holding your event in the best venue for your audience is essential to creating the best possible experience for attendees. Using reserved seating software means customers can pre-select their desired seats before you arriving. By doing so, you can keep track of how your venue is filling and how much revenue you are gaining with live ticket sales. Your audience can also see seats filling real-time, which can help demonstrate the popularity of your event and encourage people to buy sooner.

Product upsell

It is common to see companies selling merchandise at events, but you can now take this digital and sell it right from your online ticket shop. At the ticket purchasing stage, you can introduce the option to pre-pay for products such as clothing, beverages and V.I.P. access passes. This helps you to boost revenue with product sales, as it entices ticket customers to make a purchase they may not have made on the day of the event. You can track and manage stock in real-time, and therefore meet the demand of customers, keeping them satisfied. Queues are also reduced on the day of the event as attendees can simply scan a code on their phone and collect their item.

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