The benefits of using time slot bookings for your adventure activities

Ticketing, 13 May

By Nicole Afflick

Organising, planning and hosting an event can be a very timely process. Two of the biggest challenges for event and venue managers is known to be time and crowd control ( The challenge of time is due to having more to do than anticipated, and the difficulty with crowd control means your marketing was so successful, that so many people want to attend! But there is a solution which could solve both of these problems at once. Using a time slot booking system can instantly automate your event ticketing process, by allowing your attendees to choose the time they wish to attend your event, taking away the stress of organising your audience.

What is a time slot booking system?

This clever, yet simple piece of software arranges your reoccurring events into an easy-to-use calendar, offering your customers the opportunity to select their preferred time to attend your activity. You can choose from a drop down box or grid layout to highlight the time options available. In addition, our white label solution lets you customise the whole look and feel of your ticket shop, then embed it onto your own website.


How to use this solution

Our time slot booking calendar can be used across several sectors. Activity organisers and venue owners are the most common users of the system as a lot of the activities they offer are time based, meaning they need to be able to manage when customers can begin and end their sessions. 

Golf clubs and adventure parks can take full advantage of this technology to ensure they don’t double-book their customers. The system will recognise if a time is fully booked, and will notify the customer at the ticket shop to select an alternative time, eliminating the need for manual input and worrying about over-selling tickets and double-bookings.

The benefits of time slot bookings

Our time slot booking software will not just enhance the ticket purchasing experience, but will also give you the opportunity to upsell to your customers to secure extra revenues. With out built-in product shop you can promote your kit, merchandise or services for the action-packed day, which customers can add to their purchases.

What's more, our Entry App will help you manage the crowds on the day with a quick scan and validation of the e-tickets, making the whole experience smoother and enjoyable for both you and your customers. 

If you currently don’t provide the option of time slot booking and would like to learn more, contact us and learn how we can help you today!

Nicole Afflick - About Author

Nicole is our Digital Marketing Executive inspiring and informing our audience through creating eye-catching content across all Nutickets digital platforms.

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