A powerful box office system for a memorable event

Entertainment solutions, 11 June

By Nicole Afflick

The experience you provide for attendees starts before the event begins. Ensuring your customers have a smooth experience from ticket purchase to leaving the event is essential for making it memorable, and increasing customer loyalty. The moment customers reach your ticket page, you should aim to give them a seamless process, and a powerful, yet easy to use box office system can give them just that. Your box office software can help improve customer experience as well as boost company sales by adding clever features such as product upselling and reserved seating software.

How does box office software work?

A box office is a place where people can purchase tickets to an event for a particular date, which can be both offline and online. The software is usually implemented for entertainment events such as theatre shows, as it allows event organisers to manage and track ticket sales, and these type of events tend to have a high volume of attendees. There are several ways to display your online box office system and tailor it to your audience. Some event companies may have multiple shows across different days, so they would use a calendar view to help guide their customers to the date of their choice. Some organisers want the event venue to have sections for different ticket priorities, such as V.I.P., so their box office would have to display different ticket options for people to purchase.

The complete box office package

An all round box office ticketing system should make it super easy for customers to find the ticket they desire, and there are several features that can be added to make this possible. Adding reserved seating software can help attendees visualise your unique venue, as well as choose their favourite seat. This can help create more of ‘buzz’ around your event, as potential customers can see the tickets selling in real-time which may encourage them to purchase sooner, which can therefore boost your sales. Giving attendees the option to purchase event merchandise at your ticket shop can also increase revenue. Product upselling lets you list products and merchandise which customers can pre-purchase and collect at the event, helping you build revenue before the event starts. You can also reduce queues, improve security and hand out pre-purchased merchandise with a quick scan using an entry management system. This helps to create a smooth entrance experience for your customers and can be done directly from your smartphone.

Our solution

We want to help our clients give their customers a smooth booking experience. Our box office ticketing software allows your customers to buy tickets, select seats and buy merchandise all in one place. We let you decide which features you add on to your ticket shop, tailoring it specifically to your event. Are you looking to host an entertainment event and need a software partner to develop a powerful box office system? Get in touch so we can discuss how we can help you achieve that!

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