The power of a digital token system at events

Cashless, 14 August

By Nicole Afflick

Working within a company that has hundreds or even thousands of employees can make it quite difficult to bring a sense of closeness or community. However, a great way to tackle this is to host an event. In doing so, everyone can socialise and get to know each other personally to create a sense of unity. For corporate events, a digital token system is a great way to boost company moral and get everyone together, while streamlining the operation of your event - let’s discover how…

What is a digital voucher system?

RFID technology continues to showcase its diversity, and an RFID token system is one of its many great uses. The system allows you to pre-load RFID wristbands with tokens for event attendees to use for food and beverages. This eliminates the need for cash handling even if there is a limit to the amount of free tokens you offer. The attendees can top-up the wristbands themselves and continue spending at their leisure.

The benefits

Using an RFID cashless system for event tokens can improve your event in several ways. As this system is commonly used for internal corporate events, such as staff parties, offering free food/drink can encourage staff to attend. These types of events usually consist of reviews and reflections, as well as future company goals, so it is important for employees to feel motivated to go, and the token system can contribute to the reason why they attend. The use of RFID applications at events instantly improves your event operations, with no need for cash handling and instead, just a simple tap-and-go method. The technology also allows the event organisers to view and analyse real-time reports on attendee buying habits, putting the power of choice and control in the organisers hands. This is great for events with food and drink vendors as you can assess which are successful and make informed decisions on which you should/shouldn’t use again in the future. Overall, a digital voucher system is a modern and easy way to reward staff, keep track of vendor sales, and simplify the event experience.

Our work with RFID tokens

Once recognising the added value a token system could provide, we couldn’t wait to offer the solution to our clients. Recently, we partnered with Nespresso for an internal company event, as they wanted to provide their guests with free drinks for the evening. We worked with them to pre-load wristbands with three free drink tokens. This enabled attendees to simply tap their RFID wristbands at the bar to claim their free beverages securely and efficiently. A similar approach was taken by our client Chivas Regal. Whisky fans were invited to sample a cocktail from each one of the shortlisted bars at the prestigious Chivas Masters event in 2018, by using their wristbands pre-loaded with free drinks tokens which were redeemed with a quick tap.

If you're interested in using an RFID token system to transform your next event, contact us today and let's work together on taking your event further!

Nicole Afflick - About Author

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