Generate more revenue

Generate more revenue

Going cashless is easy with no need for expensive scanning equipment and instant revenue from credit purchases in advance.

Nutickets Shop App

Whether you‘re running a swanky corporate event or holding a festival in the fields, the Nutickets Shop App will suit your every need.

Nutickets Shop App

Cut your queue times

Cut your queue times

Speed up purchases

Cut queue times with laser-fast scanning and provide peace of mind to your customers with enhanced security features including PIN or picture identification.

Full list of our cashless features

Unlimited products

Easily add and manage an unlimited number of products through the online dashboard

Multiple vendors

Allow individual vendors to set up their own shop with a unique log in, connected to the central system

Advanced funds

Receive all funds for customer credit accounts in advance, direct to your bank account

Top up accounts

Customers can top up their accounts before and during your event, online or offline

Real time reports

Track all sales in real time, identifying hot spots and popular products to maximise your trade

Stock control

Monitor stock in real time and more effectively manage your bars and shops

Sponsorship data

Track customer purchasing habits and trends, providing valuable data to potential sponsors

Nutickets Shop App

Operate multiple devices online or offline with synced data, reducing queue times with ultra fast scanning

Security measures

Added security measures ensure customer peace of mind with PIN codes or ID checks