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The Color Run, described as “the happiest 5k on the Planet”, has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. It draws upon elements of the Hindu festival of Holi, a celebration of life and colour. Unlike other runs and themed obstacle courses, The Color Run does not have any ‘winners’ or official times, but focuses on encouraging improving health and wellness. It is predicted that over a million people will attend over one hundred events in 2013 as part of the largest ever event series.

“Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be You.”

Currently The Color Run takes place in over 130 cities across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. In September, South Africa hosted the inaugural event in Port Elizabeth.

Streamlined event management

Thousands of runners take part in The Color Run each event and the organisers needed a streamlined system to manage everything from ticket sales and registration to crowd flow controls on the day. Nutickets provides all this and more to ensure the smooth running of these city-wide mega events. From one central location, organisers can sell tickets and register competitors, promote the event through email, SMS, and social media, monitor sales in real time, assign shifts for staff and set up multiple ticket scanners.

Team tickets

Responding to the needs of The Color Run organisers, Nutickets developed a sign up feature to register and manage the bookings of teams of five or more runners. Whether a group of friends, or an office team building outing, participants can sign up and share the purchased tickets to individual email accounts to complete registration.

Reduced queue times

Using the Nutickets Entry System App, The Color Run SA can easily manage and reduce queue times, admitting thousands of people using any iOS device. The app is free to download, and can be used to scan tickets and register new participants. Customers inundated The Color Run SA Facebook page with high praise on the quick and efficient crowd control measures provided by the Nutickets solution.

Upsell merchandise

The Color Run SA offered a variety of ticket packages to participants with added merchandise such as bags of powdered paint or t-shirts. Using the Nutickets Entry System App, scanning the unique barcodes easily enabled the organisers to track purchases. The organisers were able to offer a number of opportunities to upsell ticket packages to attendees.

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